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A License check appears to already be running

It turns out the answer was IPTables. Before that it was the rDate command that was necessary to fix it, but my IPTables was blocking the connections.

To temporarily disable your firewall do this.

iptables-save > /root/current.ipt
iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT; iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT
iptables -F INPUT; iptables -F OUTPUT
ping -c 3
iptables-restore < /root/current.ipt
rm -f /root/current.ipt

The first command saves a copy of your firewall settings. The next 2 commands make it so all input/output are allowed (for outgoing and incoming connections) Finally test by pinging the ip address that was giving the issue for cPanel in your log file.

If it works that means the update license command will work.

Simply run:


and you are good to go.

You can restore back your rules by using the last 2 commands if you want:

iptables-restore < /root/current.ipt

rm -f /root/current.ipt

Be warned that you will be blocked again, unless you fix the firewall.

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