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Cpanel is a web hosting control panel software with advanced features that users and website owners who buy Linux hosting benefit from. With this application, web page managers can easily perform their visual and interactive operations. The hugely popular cPanel application is a license-requiring program. Therefore, you need to purchase a cpanel license. With its easy installation and use, it is clearly ahead of its competitors such as Plesk, DirectAdmin, Vdeck. Since it is comfortable to update, it does not allow any problems to arise in the future. It also achieves the best compatibility with the Linux operating system. With the cPanel application, many web hosting operations are done in a short time without any problems. If such an application was not created, individual commands would have to be given for each action. This causes a waste of labor and time. However, thanks to the cPanel application, all operations can be easily controlled. The installation of cPanel takes place automatically. It is very easy to use. When you enter the application, which is not much different from desktop usage, many images first appear. There are explanations under these images. The contents of the transaction can be accessed by clicking on the images or text. Any e-mail account is added upon request. It is also possible to use webmail. By creating automatic responders through them, e-mail is easily managed. In addition; Many processes such as e-mail filtering, e-mail shortening, e-mail domain forwarding, e-mail list are performed. The cPanel password can be changed. In addition, FTP accounts are managed practically. Thanks to the online file manager, all transactions are controlled. You can analyze the website with cPanel. With many add-ons, the requested information is listed in detail. How many clicks, when visitors arrive, search engine records are some of them. The users of the cPanel application, which attracts everyone's attention with its many plugins and tools, are increasing day by day. Web hosting management is now very easy with cPanel, which is an ideal application for Linux hosting users. Buy cpanel team.
WHM / CPANEL, commonly referred to as cPanel, is a Linux-based control panel for hosting sites. This panel, which is currently the most preferred by Linux server users, offers the main management panel with the name of WHM and a sub-management panel with the name of cPanel. With this panel, dealers can manage all their customers over WHM, while users can have a domain-based management with a separate panel, the cPanel system. In addition, with the reseller service, reseller privileges that are lower than the hostmaster's authority but have domain management privileges can be adjusted. Mail tracking, MySQL monitoring, DNS management and cPanel, which provides the most needed requirements of hosting administrators with a simple and fast interface, enables even end users to manage a server. With cPanel, which has many language options, including Turkish, you can automatically restore and backup processes. In addition to the security of your sites, you can instantly return to your previously taken backup in cases of possible software vulnerabilities or user error. Constantly updated, cPanel is one of the best in its industry in terms of security, usage and performance. Due to the change in the corporate owners of cPanel in 2018, the new corporate identity changed its cPanel licensing policy. In accordance with this policy, the company, which previously made cPanel licenses with a single license, has now cascaded the licenses and has commissioned the following system for each of these tiers. Tags : Buycpanel, buy cpanel, cpanel license, cheap cpanel license, cpanel cheap license, cpanel licence, cpanel pricing, cpanel prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to all the questions in your mind in this section.
  • What is cPanel ?
    cPanel is a web hosting software development company, based in Houston, Texas. cPanel offers web hosting software that automates the intricate workings of web hosting servers. cPanel equips server administrators with the necessary tools to provide top-notch hosting to customers on tens of thousands of servers worldwide. cPanel provides an accessible interface to help manage sites; WHM automates server management tasks for system administrators. For more information about cPanel, visit the About cPanel webpage.
  • Why ?
    The best prices are available on You can buy a cpanel license at affordable prices.
  • How do I request technical support ?
    If you require technical support, please submit a support ticket.
  • Does cPanel offer a refund after purchase ?
    If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund within five days of purchase. Requests for refunds after five days will be honored at the discretion of our customer service manager.
  • What operating systems are compatible with cPanel ?
    For a list of cPanel-compatible operating systems, read our Installation Guide. Operating systems that are not listed on the page are not officially supported, and many cause issues if you try to use them with cPanel & WHM.
  • Can I run cPanel on the Mac® platform ?
    At this time, we do not have a version of cPanel & WHM that runs on an OS X server. However, you can access the cPanel interface with Safari®, Firefox, or another compatible browser from a Mac computer.